Bowling Etiquette

  1. Always remain in back of the foul line.
  2. Respect the lob line; roll, do not lob the ball.
  3. After delivery of the ball, walk straight back on approach.  Do not remain standing at the foul line.
  4. Do not walk in front of a bowler to pick up your next ball or to mark a score, if he/she in a position to start delivery.
  5. Do not attempt to deliver the ball at the same time as the bowler on the adjoining lanes.  If you both are ready to bowl at the same time, the bowler on the right should be accorded the privilege of bowling first.
  6. After delivering ball, use only the width of your lane for any “contortions” or “body language” in which you may indulge.
  7. Do not talk to a bowler while he/she is delivering the ball.  You can have loads of fun bowling, but do your talking at the proper time
  8. Control you temper and refrain from abusive or profane language.
  9. Do not expect a strike every time you hit the head pin.
  10. Do not throw away any balls.  You pay for ten full boxes: get your money’s worth.   Many a match has been lost by one pin which easily could have been made.
  11. Get every possible pin with the third ball.  It is the most important of all.  It picks up the pins that win matches and increases the bowler’s average.
  12. Use good sportsmanship always – give credit where it is due; remember, it is easy to be a good winner, but it takes a big person to be a gracious loser.
  13. Do not become discouraged too easily.  You can learn.  All one needs to become quite expert is patience and practice!